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AudioSolutions combines the laws of physics with design, manufacturing stability and customers’ needs to achieve a perfect speaker. Years of hard work and research are hidden behind this revealing short name – not only in the realm of achieving ideal sonic abilities, but also in practical realisation of pioneering ideas. Owned and founded in 2011 autumn by a talented speaker engineer Gediminas Gaidelis, AudioSolutions speakers are produced and manufactured in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The AudioSolutions portfolio consists of 4 ranges.

Overture MK3 is a third-generation entry-level speaker of AudioSolutions. Overture MK3 have a marking O3** and is changing older MK2 version marked O2**; Third series Overture introduces completely new looks compared to its predecessor. These rather drastic visual changes mark completely reworked speakers – a cabinet, drivers and crossover structure.

Figaro, AudioSolutions’s pinnacle of engineering. After 6 years of development and techs refinement, AudioSolutions gives you a remarkable tandem of performance and design where science meets art. Figaro maintains timeless AudioSolutions’ design accents and gracefully slides into the overall product portfolio. Designed to look solid, and be the accent of the living room or disappear in it with the help of many different unique finishes. Make your Figaro look the way you want. All floor-standing models are 3-way systems. The unique midrange in the Figaro speakers work in extended band in order to reduce crossover distortions in a most critical area for the human ear.

Virtuoso series employ as much of the advanced technology originally developed for the company’s flagship Vantage 5th-anniversary series. Virtuoso series sits comfortably between AudioSolutions’ Figaro and Vantage 5th anniversary series.

For their 5th anniversary celebration AudioSolutions aimed to create something completely new with fresh looks, different kind of materials, and eye catching lines. This line shouldn’t have classical looks or classical technical decisions. It should be extravagant and represent their vision in speaker quality standards for upcoming products and give a leading tone to their speaker design as well as differ itself among others.

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