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CANOR has been developing and manufacturing high-end audio products for almost 25 years. CANOR is a tube specialist, the prototype of their first serially produced TP101 integrated tube amplifier was presented at the exhibition in Brno (Czech Republic) in April 1995. The major objective of CANOR is the development and manufacture of high performance audio components combined with high comfort and aesthetics.

All tubes are being strictly selected and measured on a specially developed and unique “BT-1” , “TTM-1” and “Aladdin” measuring devices. CANOR uses the highest quality tubes only. The quality of each product is ultimately controlled on state-of-the-art Audio Precision analog test equipment and all products are subject to listening tests after burning-in. All technological processes in the production lead to the only aim, to manufacture high-quality and reliable products.

CANOR uses premium CMT technology (CANOR PCB Milling Technology) in all their products, it is the way they mill printed circuit boards. CMT technology originated in a long-standing endeavour to improve the sonic performance of their products. CMT technology allows CANOR to get nearer the dielectric loss factors (loss tangent) of printed circuit boards to the loss factor of air, because in tube wirings high impedances are being used, and every tangent deterioration (likewise in capacitors) does hurt sonic imaging. Thanks to this technology CANOR managed to get to the parameter level of the so-called “wire to wire connections“, only with a use of very expensive and high-quality wires with teflon insulation. CANOR can keep to the parameters in repetitive production with 100% geometric distribution (which is impossible in “wire to wire”).

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