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RDacoustic is located in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, a small city in the east of the Czech Republic, under the Beskydy mountain range. Their uncompromising audio solutions, innovative approach and attention to detail is why RDacoustic takes the liberty of calling themselves high end. RDacoustic avoids fairytales and voodoo stories which are frequent in the field. Their products are built on strong, verified and well-founded bases and RDacoustic favours simplicity coupled with the highest quality components and materials.

The core of the company is two friends: Radovan Řehořek and David Piska. The interest of the two in anything electrotechnical dates back to their elementary school days. Apart from school, they knew each other thanks to an extracurricular course of electronics both eagerly attended from the age of seven. David has stayed in electrotechnics during his career. Across the field, he has been dealing with various constructions with both analogue and digital parts, EMC certification and the like. Radovan has started in private business and establishing his own computer shop. They founded RDacoustic together, following several years of development spent on their first speakers. Since then, they complement each other with their knowledge from fields that surround audio.

At this day, RDacoustic is known worldwide for their acoustical treatments and the Hybrid Acoustic Diffuser is a unique hybrid acoustic diffuser that improves room acoustics. It evenly disperses sound reflections and its pattern is adapted to natural room properties. It improves elocution clarity and instrument separation, the perception of the space becomes brighter, the contours of the instruments are more detailed and clearer. Modern living frequently omits dealing with acoustics, unfortunately so, as acoustics have a fundamental effect on our psychological well-being. Long duration of reverberation interferes with clarity and intelligibility of speech and worsens spatial localisation of our hearing. Living spaces usually lack in acoustically absorptive materials. With modern minimalist interiors without carpets, their absence is virtually woeful. Compared to other acoustic solutions, a hybrid diffuser diffuses sound waves in one plane and absorbs them in the other. The patterns are optimised in such a way that enough acoustic energy is always kept in the room. A well chosen hybrid diffuser can substitute for a combination of different acoustic solutions that one would otherwise have to combine. 

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