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Acoustical Systems is a dedicated family business working in close partnership with a handful of the very best specialised companies in CNC tooling/milling, jewel anodising and fine-mechanics. Their chief design engineer looks back on 38 years experience in analog high-end audiophile sound reproduction. Acoustical Systems started as a two-person side-business in 1998. During the early 2000 they supplied thousands of selected vintage NOS audio tubes to tube amplification enthusiasts worldwide.

Since 2010 Acoustical Systems concentrates on designing and manufacturing only all new concept solutions in high end analog front-end. Each of our designs does “push the envelope” for the most demanding audiophile enthusiasts. In early 2011 Acoustical Systems introduced the UNI-Protractor – the most versatile precision instrument for cartridge/tonearm alignment. Later that year they introduced the UNI-P2S – an unique tool to precisely measure mounting distance on-the-fly and which directly interacts with the UNI-Protractor. A year later came the Arche, the most versatile and technical advanced high-end head-shell yet.

Acoustical Systems is known for their Smartractor, a true triangular setup tool for every tonearm. Combined with the Smartstylus, an ultra precise cartridge alignment tool that makes it easy, fast and swift for everyone to adjust all the cartridge parameters including SRA and VTA, as well as azimuth, in a matter of just a few minutes.

For Acoustical Systems it makes little sense to design products which are just another competitor to add to the range of possible candidates. What they are interested in are solutions, in the real sense of the word. In any new project they first look for what is missing in todays available designs. They search for the issues in an analog component, the weak points, the issues not yet solved by existing components, or not yet recognised at all. Then they address these issues in the most consequent way, with a free mind and perspective, open to all possible technical consequences. By following this clear path, Acoustical Systems arrives at unique results. Every audio component they design does offer a new level of resulting performance, a new level of analog sound reproduction. In each of Acoustical Systems products you will find all-new features never before available in this context.


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    Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France

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