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Founded in 1987 and developped by a group of passionates, Métronome is one of the ultimate audiophile brands. Along the years, the company handcrafted loudspeakers, amplifiers, and reputed CD players which forged the world class reputation of the brand. The Métronome portfolio consists of 3 ranges: Classica, AQWO and Digital Sharing.

For years, Métronome strengthens their position on high-resolution music, proposing integrated DAC and CD players as well as converters adapted to the latest formats. It’s our constant commitment to be close to your needs and your audiophile practises. Métronome designs and handcrafts all their production, in order to provide you perfectly built devices with the fantastic Métronome sound. Every device is checked and tested by their engineers so that its performance is always the best.

In the Classica range, Métronome offers you three exceptional devices to give rhythm to your hi-fi system. The Le Player 3, a CD transport and resampler, the Le Player 3+, a hybrid D/A converter and CD player and the Le DAC, a digital-to-analogue converter. 100% Developed and built in their workshops, Classica models guarantee the legendary workmanship and audiophile performance signatures from the brand. The classic design of Métronome applies to this range: 10mm solid aluminum front, 2mm steel frame, and electronics that deliver that famous analog sound as always.

The AQWO range allows Métronome to offer you devices that are truly adapted to your requirements, whether you are a pure CD and SACD enthusiast or a user of hi-resolution music. Métronome developed three products to the same standards of manufacturing quality and sound reproduction: AQWO is the latest generation of DAC + SACD / CD hybrid from Métronome, the tAQWO a pure transport, reading compact-discs and Super Audio CDs, equipped with re-sampling functions, the cAQWO is among the most powerful and musical digital to analog converters on the market.

The Digital Sharing range combines the quality of the Métronome sound reproduction with current listening, streaming and network playback practices. The DSC is a streamer with an excellent DA converter, coupled with a digital preamplifier. The compact but extraordinary DSS is a pure network player that easily integrates into all hi-fi systems.


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