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Alluxity is a Danish high-end lifestyle audio brand with an array of products to suit the modern audiophile. The design is of Scandinavian minimalism with a high quality built. With clean lines and a 5 inch touch display, the Alluxity units look like little else in the High-end world. The one-piece chassis gives the product a quality look; the user interface enhances usability and enables status feedback to the user in an easy to read manner.

Alexander believes the need to get hi-fi into the home and introduce the next generation to the world of high quality sound. There is need for uncomplicated products that take advantage of minimalism with a simple, modern design and strong, straight lines. Products that are intuitive to use and support modern streaming but don’t give up the feel and sound of true hi-fi playback. They should be small enough to fit on a shelf, look good in the home, and be solid enough to appeal to the most discerning user. They must fit into the lifestyle of the user, not take it over. This will help bring the world of high-performance sound reproduction into the lives of the new and younger generations.

Alluxity wants High fidelity to be popular. They want people to understand what good sound is and what it can contribute to their lives. Alluxity is able to provide a solid choice of audio equipment that fits perfectly into a living space without taking it over but also delivers an experience that indulges both active and passive listeners. In other words, a high-fidelity product that becomes a common household item.

This is how Alluxity makes hi-fi desirable. People are listening to music more than ever and when we can expose them to good sound they’re going to want to hear good sound forever.

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    Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France

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