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Avalon’s journey of more than 30 years continues, combining those essential experiences gained through each chapter of music recording and reproduction. From monitoring in the concert hall to mixing and mastering in the studio, Avalon’s ongoing research into all aspects of recovering and reproducing those original live events has inspired their loudspeaker designs to be exemplars of high-end idealism.

Each of the Precision Monitor and Signature Series reference transducers create new benchmarks in the realisation of those purist ideals. Low noise floor, black backgrounds, defined and focused images precisely placed within a 3-dimensional soundstage, point source wave generation, absolute phase and timing accuracy, smooth and consistent lobe characteristics, articulate resolution, macro and micro dynamic sound pressure without compression. These are the results of meticulous research, the dedication to asking the next logical question, seeking out the higher ground.

For Avalon, sonic idealism has always extended to the physical beauty of the design, treating each pair of loudspeakers as a work of art. Avalon crafts their loudspeakers as musical instruments, not appliances. Built entirely by hand, one left and right matched pair at a time, each structural and sonic element must precisely match their digital modelling standards, while presenting a visual aesthetic which is both elegant and unique. The character of natural wood grain reflects a slice of time in the life of a tree. Once that moment is locked into place on the surface of our faceted cabinetry, it becomes a singular, never to be repeated Masterpiece. In a world of homogenised machine-made industrial products, Avalon created one of a kind works of art.

Designed and built by a team of dedicated master craftsmen, engineers and musicians in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Avalon’s world-renowned, award-winning designs continue to set the standard by which all are judged. Passion animated Avalon’s work, to share those sublime states of mind and being reached through the music.

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