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Welcome to Actual HiFi

Actual HiFi brings together truly exceptional brands from all over the globe. Each of them create products that embody a unique savoir-faire, a carefully preserved heritage and a dynamic engagement with innovation. Actual HiFi has successfully preserved a family spirit amongst its suppliers and clients and places priority on long-term vision. 

Our vocation is to ensure the development of each of our brands while respecting their identities, providing the resources needed to create, produce and market their products and services through carefully selected channels.


If you need any support, our team of experts is available to answer all your questions from assistance with your orders, product queries and service. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you.


Our passion lays in carefully selecting manufacturers that create both beautiful and exceptional performing pieces. You can easily take advantage of our knowledge and experience to bring the music you love home.
We all listen and enjoy music in a different way. It’s personal. The added value of Actual HiFi lies in in offering you a custom service of personally guiding you to your dream system.