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Stable 33.33 is a start-up company based in Gatineau Qc. Canada. After over 15 years of making products for his friends and himself, machinist expert and designer Sylvain Pichette decided to present his creations at the Montreal Audio Fest which was huge success, the rest is history! The expertise acquired over the years allows the manufacturer to offer vinyl lovers some of the most beautiful apparatus to enhance a listener’s experience.

Stable 33.33 is specialised in producing analogue accessories, products that you didn’t think you needed, until you’ve used them.

The Vinyl Center Hole Reamer is a tool that allows you better control when correcting the diameter in the center of your vinyl, this small tool is very simple to use. Despite the tight tolerances of the hole in the center of the vinyl, (0.286”  +0.001” / -0.002”), it sometimes happens that the hole is less than 0.284” min. You can now easily correct this small deviation of the diameter in the center of your vinyls which were too tight to put on your turntable.

The Vinyl Transit Platters are used to temporary place your vinyl when handling disc change on your turntable or while you are cleaning them. Engineered with military precision, this object with a very clever design quickly becomes essential for any vinyl user.

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