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Hifistay is a manufacturer of high-tech accessories for high-end audio systems. The South Korean brand wants to make a significant contribution to better sound quality with well thought-out products. According to Naiwon Pyun, CEO of Hifistay, it’s not just the quality of the audio devices themselves that matters. A number of external factors such as the quality of the power supply are also important. But especially the way in which unwanted vibrations in an audio system are tackled are decisive for maximum enjoyment of beautiful music.

With that goal in mind, Hifistay designed an extensive range of vibration dampers, decouplers, feet and spikes for loudspeakers, audio devices and audio racks under the name Audio Essentials. Hifistay’s products are subdivided according to their specific properties and applications and vary from stainless spikes, Ballerino single, double & triple swing, Stella double swing to Gyrotension swing, Dharma & Twister, Soft Jelly and Hardpoint Trinia.

With more than twenty years of experience in metal processing and technological processes that are also used for optical applications, Hifistay knows what extreme precision means. The secret of Hifistay’s Audio Essentials therefore lies in a subtle combination of refined techniques and high-quality materials. By using stainless steel housings, ceramic bearings, absorbent silicone bands and hinged, damping constructions, vibrations don’t have a chance to spoil the music enjoyment. In addition, most dampers and feet are adjustable to match the weight of the audio devices.

Those looking for an exceptional audio rack can come to Hifistay for the Mythology Transform Audio Rack, which is available with one, two or three levels. An audio rack that is much more than a piece of furniture. Naiwon Pyun states that audio devices only perform at their maximum if they can function completely vibration-free. With its remarkable X-frame and almost endless positioning possibilities, the Mythology Transform Audio Rack is the suitable partner for the most demanding high-end enthusiast. Hifistay uses the same materials and techniques for this rack that are used for the Audio Essentials.

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