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STILLPOINTS eliminate the inaudible to perfect the audible

In order for this to happen the brand goes to extraordinary lengths to develop products so that the ultimate standard in performance is achieved every time.

The products are designed to be universal, predictable, reliable, and balanced performers. Their longevity is unmatched. They are made of stainless steel and ceramics alone – there are no springs or elastomeric materials that will fade in performance over time – they are virtually indestructible, and as such will perform consistently for a lifetime. However, it is the level at which the products attack micro-vibrations caused by electricity flowing through components that makes them unique. Stillpoints are the only brand that go beyond the normal audible frequency band (20Hz to 20kHz) and attack micro-vibrations above 20kHz. Every other competitor brand only addresses micro-vibrations in the audible range.

Stillpoints are unique in their approach to both the design and development of their products. The products tackle distortions at a deeper level than any competitor product, addressing vibration over a far greater range of frequencies. The design principles of Stillpoints’ mechanical products are constant across the range. The combination of materials is unique (ceramic bearings and stainless steel). The hardness of the ceramic material promotes increased ‘intelligibility’ (ie. the proportion of a speaker’s output that the listener can readily recognise and assimilate – harmonics, textures, instruments, accents, etc.)

The products are so well built, they will actually outlast the ‘timeless’ music they are designed to help reproduce. The structure of the multi-tiered filter in Stillpoints products is the essence of our patented design. In the acoustical sphere, the Aperture II panel is an absorber, a diffuser and a resonator combined. Stillpoints holds two patents on this design – a truly innovative product in the marketplace.

Stillpoints’ products will literally last you a lifetime because of their solid construction and the materials they are made from. Their performance never degrades over time, nor do the products become obsolete. All new products are designed to be compatible with older products in the range.

Stillpoints represent the best value in audio – the products never wear out or need replacing. They are a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Most importantly, they offer a palpable improvement in sound quality at a relatively affordable price.

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