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RCM is passionate about music and creates phonostages to give you their definition of good sound. They don’t try to favor any element in the system, but maintain the proportion of a complete system. The RCM products are designed and built in Poland.

The Sensor2 MkII is a phono preamplifier that pushes the performance of its predecessors even further. It has evolved from RCM’s experience and attempts to improve the parameters of a device as demanding as it gets. Designed and manufactured to achive the maximum possible results with available resources and technology, yet no part is here by accident. Every decision is based on experience, allowing RCM to utilise optimal results while retaining attractive price point.

The TheRIAA MkII phono preamplifier is the result of many years’ research and development in the domain of sound reproduction from the analogue turntable. The experience RCM gained in building the Sensor Prelude IC allowed them to launch the TheRIAA MkII project and explore new and unique strategies to test the limits of what is technically possible. All elements of the design were thoroughly evaluated and tested before being deemed fit to be used in this phonostage. The resulting sound quality is testament to the painstaking work that went into the design. The components used are sourced from only the best of the best companies including Elna, Sanyo, Nichicon, Wima, TDK Epcos, Vishay, Burr-Brown, Analogue Devices and many others. All components are measured by hand, graded and then selected so that matched pairs are always used in the circuits. This ensures that the left and right channels are in perfect symmetry.

RCM designs and builds no-nonsense phono stages without making any compromises on the parts used.

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    Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France

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