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The Analog Relax products are made with care by wonderful Japanese craftsmen. Yasushi Yurugi does not only pursue materials and performance, but also give top priority to making you happy when you use the Analog Relax products.

While digitalisation has made us more efficient and convenient, it has also made it more difficult for people to find happiness and satisfaction, so Yasushi Yurugi decided to start his own business in order to develop products and services that can support people’s natural sense of happiness despite his own limited ability. Yasushi Yurugi first encountered music when he was a student. He got into playing instruments and was mainly a drummer in a band. Yasushi performed many times at live houses in Kyoto. Later, he got into jazz and started playing the tenor saxophone. Yasushi has never doubted that records have the best sound quality for listening to music, and he lives with a collection of several thousand records and eight turntables. Currently Yasushi is developing products that solve the difficulties associated with living an analog record life, and delivering them as products to fans of analog records around the world.

The world’s first static elimination brush for audio equipment, made from ultra-fine “static elimination” fibers with a diameter of 0.03 mm, finished by a Kumano brush craftsman to the highest degree of softness.

Dust that has accumulated on the front and top of the tone arm and amplifier before you know it. It’s frustrating to clean the small parts, isn’t it? This dust, in fact, is attracted by the “static electricity” that is charged in the audio equipment. As you know, audio equipment uses electricity and has moving parts such as tone arms, turntables, and CD trays. Therefore, audio equipment is destined to be charged with static electricity at all times.

Originally, it is a mechanism to drop static electricity from the power supply to the ground, but unfortunately, it is often not possible to completely ground it except for some refrigerators and washing machine power outlets in ordinary households, so audio equipment is inevitable. Will continue to be charged. As a result, not only static electricity accumulates, but also the original performance of audio equipment is not fully exhibited due to the influence of static electricity, and the phenomenon of continuing to listen with the sound quality deteriorated occurs. In this way, audio equipment is constantly exposed to static electricity without your knowledge. The brush was made by a craftsman of “Kumano Brush”, which is famous for that high-class cosmetic brush. With the finest softness and the exquisite R (curved surface) created by the tips of the hair, the brush is very easy to work with.

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