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With over 50 years of history as the top maker of cast-iron components for the automobile industry and a member of the Toyota Group of companies, Aisin Takaoka has built up extensive know-how in the characteristics, molding and processing of cast iron materials.

Based on this experience, Aisin Takaoka was the first company to identify the oscillation-attenuating properties of cast iron and its affinity with audio products, leading to the development of high-grade audio accessories and high-resolution Speaker System.

The name TAOC is derived from “Takaoka Anti-Oscillation Casting.” Building on the principle that mastering oscillation is the key to mastering audio, TAOC has been engaged for many years in mastering the effects that oscillations have on music. Based on the foundation we have established through automobile manufacturing, TAOC products have continued to be the brand of choice of audiophiles around the world for over 30 years— a true testimony to the reliability of TAOC.

The 3 Pillars of TAOC :

1. High Resolution & Analog Feel
TAOC’s goal is to achieve the perfect balance between high resolution and the analog feel. TAOC is convinced that a well-balanced mix of clear sounds and soft sounds is exactly what listeners are looking for. This is the principle on which TAOC has based their audio evaluations.

2. Cast Iron (FC)
Cast iron is the generic term for iron alloys that contain 2.1% or more carbon. Endowed with oscillation-attenuating properties and just the right amount of resonance, this metal is the perfect match for audio. A typical example of this metal’s use would be in the frames of pianos, which are made entirely from cast iron.

3. Vibration Damping & Oscillation Control
TAOC has used their experience in vibration damping to eliminate as much as possible any vibrations that are unrelated to your music, enabling to prevent these vibrations from superimposing on the desired vibrations that make up your sound, while at the same time optimising those desired vibrations through detailed understanding of oscillation control.

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